Wednesday, August 1, 2012


  • DJ .Kota (House, Electro, Chillout)
  • Atsushi Degawa (House, Electro, Techno)
  • Moreau (Hip-Hop, R&B, Electro)
  • Lobotomy (Hip-Hop, R&B, Dub)
  • Kenkoukotsu - Makoto Shinada (Rock, Entertainment)
  • DJ snake (House, Techno)
  • Eishun Sudou (Black Music)
  • DJ Visual Wide - Yu Hiyama (Ambient, Electro)
  • Sabamiso (Electro, Ambient)
  • Melting Pot (Pop, Ambient)
  • The People (Band) and more!!
Upcoming / Now Producing
  • 2kai Presents - STOP THE_____!! EVENT / PARTY
  • DJ .Kota / Melting Pot - 1st Original Album (maybe on next Spring)
  • 2kai Re-Issues (Sabamiso, Lobotomy, DJ snake, Atsushi Degawa etc...)
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Music compiling and producing. All music we distribute through soundcloud are licensed to Creative Commons. Tweet to @2kaiprod or DM at several SNS services.
Due to some spam issues, we don't tell you our email address at this website, but once you contacted us through twitter and tumblr, we may tell you the address for more efficient communications.


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